Yes, You Do Need Landscape Drawings

As we are well into summer outdoor construction season now, we are taking a rare moment to reflect on the projects completed so far and ask ourselves “if we could have done anything differently, what would it be?”.  The simple answer is that it’s just better to have professional drawings for landscaping projects that go beyond the simple walkway.

If you need a walkway along the side of your house, or from your pool to your shed, professional drawings aren’t needed. But in any other case, it’s really important. Why? Let us tell you why.

The first reason is that it’s actually cheaper in the long run, even though professional drawings prepared by a landscape architect will cost anywhere from $1,200 - $1,500. That might seem like a lot to pay, but what you are getting is a visual representation prepared to scale with all measurements, plantings, list of materials, that also shows shade and soil grade.

In order to produce a drawing, there are discussions that take place to truly understand the needs and the budget of the client – that’s you! Many homeowners will sketch out their design and ask their landscaper to do their best with this amateur piece. The problem is that in almost every case, there is adding and subtracting to do – that means ripping up work because something doesn’t look or feel quite right, once an installation has been started.

Not only do these last-minute changes affect the cost of a project, but also the timeline is extended, especially if different materials are chosen. We actually ripped down a large amount of masonry this season at great expense to the homeowner because they decided that stone would look better. We never say no to last minute requests, however we know that if professional drawings are done in the first place, the whole project would proceed with confidence and it would be done on time and within the original budget.

Plantings, stonework, carpentry and structures also just look best when they are placed correctly. Without a professional drawing, you just can’t be confident in the final result of any product.

Take our advice and invest in professional landscape drawings: your home deserves to look great and you deserve to pay the right price, and not a penny more.