Home Additions Make Sense


Funny thing about family life: it’s always changing, but your home doesn’t change and that causes some stress for many households as children arrive or elderly parents move in.

When you look at the options in the real estate market, it becomes obvious that a move is very costly. With property values always rising, it makes a lot of sense to stay where you are and get creative if you can. If you want a great family lifestyle and you don’t want to feel cramped or stuck where you are, then it’s a good time to think about a home addition. Building on to your existing structure is a great alternative to a costly move and you can design and build your dream as well!

Once you have made the decision to explore a home addition by building over your garage, or into your property, there are some logical steps that must be followed.

First you will need a designer and an engineer to help you understand what’s possible and what’s not. Your general contractor has his trusted partners but also will work with a designer or engineer their client would like to use. Having a contractor organize the whole process is invaluable, because homeowners want to look at all their options to add on to their home, without getting overwhelmed.

Once designs are made, permits obtained and materials selected, the demolition, excavation and construction can be planned. There should be no guessing for prices of materials, or project timelines. MSD oversees the whole process to take the confusion away from homeowners, so they can focus on their dream, and leave the hard work to us.

Your family deserves the space that will allow them to live together in harmony, and sometimes that means more space is needed.  Give us a call to discuss the possibility of a home addition for your family.