Choosing the Best Time of Year for Your Landscaping Project

In Southern Ontario we make the most of our outdoor spaces because there are only 6 months every year that we tend to spend any length of time in our gardens and backyards. That’s why the planning of Landscaping work is so important: homeowners don’t want to miss a single moment of enjoyment.  Think carefully about your options, when considering the best time to add a new pool cabana, walkway, patio, staircase, retaining wall, deck, garden, fountain or swimming pool to your property.

In the early spring we don’t want to damage our lawns by treading on the still-asleep, waterlogged turf, however projects completed in late March and April give homeowners a head start on the season, with plenty of time for grass to grow back.

When gardening season begins in April we are focused on planting, fertilizing and bringing out tables and lawn furniture which is the best time of year before the heat sets in. When the annuals and hanging baskets come out in May, and weeding and lawn-mowing are regular activities, outdoor living picks up in a big way.  Then it’s time for pool season. Once the family pool is open and barbecuing meals are a daily activity, the back garden is a haven for relaxation, fun and peace. Many families would not dream of having any construction done during June or July, however this is not an issue for some. It depends on a family’s priorities.

August, when the days are hotter and drier than any other time of year is the most popular month for construction, carpentry and hardscaping projects. This is because many families are away on vacation and plan to have their outdoor work done in that window of time. They look forward to returning home to a new pool cabana, patio, or any combination of installations. September and October are typically rainy months, but fall is the second most popular timing in our area to complete landscaping projects.

It is a misconception that landscaping work has to stop when temperatures drop in the final months of the year.  As a year-round landscaping and construction company, we are happy to give our clients the option to choose a slower-moving and more affordable option for landscape projects. This is a surprisingly popular choice for many families.

No matter what your project is, consider the timing, so that you can benefit the most from your outdoor space. Contact us, and we can discuss the best time for you to begin your landscape project, we'll schedule the work with you so it is convenient with your lifestyle.